Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lights at the Zoo

The week of Christmas was crazy. We have done so much and seen so many people, I haven't had time to blog and share with you Emily's first Christmas. I'll get to that later. Here are a few pics from the lights at the Zoo. Scott, Auntie Gina, and I took Emily to see the lights. She had a ball. She rode the merry go round and the train. We all had a great time! Emily was more impressed with the lights around this particular tree. These are beautiful pictures. Thank you Auntie Gina!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Surgery, Smurgery

Today Emily had tubes put in her ears. She's had a few ear infections. One in particular that has taken weeks and the strongest antibiotic to heal. She has been in a lot of pain and has kept us up for several nights. So, tubes seemed the route to take. After much prayer and discussion I decided that it needed to be done. Lots of other kids have them, and everyone has turned out fine. Better than fine. Well, we had to be at Palmetto Surgery Center at 6:45 this morning. She was happy and waving to all the nurses. She loved the monitor with the light on her toe. She even loved the Sylvester and Tweety gown they had for her. She was having a ball. I was barley holding on. I know it is a simple procedure, but Scott nor I have had surgery before. How can my 8 (almost 9 month old) go through this. Well, she did like a champ. The procedure took all of 4 minutes. She took a long nap and has been wonderful ever since. Thank you God for watching over her. Thanks to everyone for their prayers. This too shall pass.

Tonight she blew her Uncle Jonathan a kiss. She is one smart cookie! Mommy and Daddy loves you Emi!!

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Monday, December 8, 2008

Parade of Lights, Cold Weather and Snacks-- Let Christmas begin!!

Emily attended her first Christmas parade. We went to the Cayce Parade of lights. My mom lives right in the heart of all of the action. We have snacks at her house and go all out. Its our unofficial start to the Christmas season. Our husbands hate it, and we can't hardly wait! Emily is going to be one of us, I know it. Well, she wasn't too thrilled about her new big girl coat. She eventually got into it and danced with the bands. She racked up on candy too! She was more excited with the snacks afterwards at grandma's. Aunt Gina shared some of her cupcake. Emily's sugar rush started about the time Gina left to go home. Thanks Aunt Gina! Hope you had fun Emily!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Why I'm thankful....

I have a beautiful daughter who is healthy and happy. Happy First Thanksgiving Emi!!

I have a wonderful husband, who takes care of me and is an awesome dad.

I have a great family. A few dysfunctional members, but who hasn't got 'em?

I have great friends.

I have so many reasons to be thankful. I thank God for all of my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My, how times have changed

The top picture was taken 3/23/08, the day we brought Emily home from the hospital. We were all tired and scared. What do we do now? The picture on the right was taken 11/16/08 (almost 8 months). Time passes soooo quickly. Just this past Saturday she crawled for the first time! We had to lower Emily's crib to the lowest setting so that she can't fall out and get hurt. We now have to make the house "baby proof". She crawls like an inch worm. Butt up in the air, then she flattens down and extends the upper part of her body. Too cute:) I love you Emily!!! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Elections are Finally Over!!!

The elections are finally over, back to real TV and no more political phone calls. YES!! My candidate did not win, but we are where we are so now we need to deal with it.

I got an email from Pastor Greg and he sent a link from a blog he found. I hope to follow these commitments. Something needs to change for our country. I want our country to prosper and no one to go without basic needs. I want Emily and other children to live in peace and prosperity. I really think that our problems started when we took GOD out of everything. That's something I'll have to blog about when I have more time.

Here is what was in Michael Hyatt's blog:

I want to do my part. Therefore, starting today, I am publicly making four commitments to President-Elect Barack Obama:
I will pray for him and our country.
I will assume his motives are good, giving him the benefit of the doubt.
I will not speak ill of him, even if I don’t always agree with him.
I will cast off the spirit of cynicism, and be a positive force for good.

Yesterday was a historic day. We can all be proud as Americans. Today, we begin a new future. It’s time to come together. I am ready for a united United States.

Can you make these four commitments?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

First Time Blogger

Well, here it is. My first blog and I have nothing to say!!