Monday, February 22, 2010

First hair cut

Well, I didn't want to but she needed her hair cut. So at 23 months she had her first hair cut. We went to Scott's Aunt Kathy. She had given Scott his first hair cut. Emily was great. She didn't want the cape on, but she didn't cry. I think she is a little Miss Priss. She even let her curl her hair with a curling iron. Emily's Aunt Gina had given her an engraved silver first curl keepsake. Her hair was so long I had to wrap it around several times to fit into the container.

Miss Priss...

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Emily's first snow

I was so excited to see the snow; mainly because it would be Emily's first snow, but it was the most snow we had seen in a long while. I picked her up from daycare early and the entire class was excited. Scott had to work late so Emily and I played for about an hour when we first came home. Later after we cooked dinner we went outside again and found the neighborhood kids playing in our front yard. She had a great time and didn't want to come in from the cold. We all had a great time. We built the tallest snowman ever. I was so impressed how it rolled in the snow and made a huge ball. The next day we went to the hunting property and rode the four wheeler. We had the best time. My little snow bunny.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Emily's fav's.....

Emily's Favorite things right now:
1. Chips
2. Orange Juice
3. Candy
4. Mickey Mouse---actually she calls him Hot Dog because of the song
5. Her soft blankets
6. Having her Auntie Nina (Gina) paint her toenails. This weeks color--mustard yellow. Thanks, Gina.
7. TV
9. Playing outside
10. Any type of flash cards

PS... we kicked the Passy early part of January !!! Hooray!!!

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What's new in Spiresland....

Well, for starters apparently Miss Em has asthma. After a weekend in the hospital and 5 other doctor visits we are going to see a Pediatric Pulminologist. It is scary when your child can't breath and can't tell you what's wrong. Please keep Emily in your prayers.
December 4th Emily was struggling to breath at daycare. We rushed her to the doctors and she was taken by ambulance to Palmetto Richland Children's Hospital. She was admitted into PICU for Friday night. The staff and nurses there were great. She had to stay in the hospital bed hooked to all sorts of machines. She moved to the 7th floor the following morning. She was running and jumping everywhere since she was free, and feeling much better. She was released on Sunday. We were all so tired and thankful to be home!

Here is a pic from the PICU.

Christmas and New Year's came and went with a bang. Emily enjoyed seeing everyone and visiting. She didn't make it long enough to see the ball drop. She was out by 9:30. She is growing and learning so much so fast. How lucky we are!